See Ruto’s biggest mistakes that might cost him badly in 2022!

Deputy president William Samoei Ruto’s popularity has been growing steadily of late.

Ruto has decided to focus more on his campaigns as his allies focus on educating Kenyans on why they should oppose the BBI agendas.

What DP William Ruto is forgetting is that, he is still part of the government and he is the second in command after president Uhuru Kenyatta.


Uhuru Kenyatta’s mistakes is equally DP William Ruto’s mistakes. Kenyans voted for the two of them and Uhuru Kenyatta might have lost badly if he had someone else as his running mate.

We understand that Uhuru wronged him after he pulled Raila Odinga on his side. But the DP is over reacting. He is already behaving like an opposition.

According to me, I think DP Ruto should have just focused on his work as the DP until his tenure ends.

It is too early to start campaigning and Kenyans will have heard enough of him before even his term as DP ends.

William Ruto will waste a lot of money and resources campaigning and sometimes spoiling his own image. On the other hands, his opponents are playing it cool.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is seen daily supervising government projects and doing his work as the president. DP Ruto might lose terribly if he doesn’t change his tactics. More

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