Shocking thing DP Ruto told Raila Odinga after they met with IEBC!

DP William Ruto on Wednesday June 29th 2022 slammed opposition leader Raila Odinga during their meeting with IEBC.

DP Ruto during the meeting with IEBC on Wednesday 29th of June 2022.

The second in command, while addressing the issue to do with the electro body’s leadership said that he has no problem with who leads the IEBC.

According to Ruto, even if Raila and his brother Oburu Odinga re made the leaders of IEBC he would still beat them by far.

“I am on record Mr. Chairman, saying that even if my competitors’ brother was the chairman of IEBC, I would have no problem so long as he’s competitively recruited,” Ruto said.

Speaking at Windsor hotel, the UDA party leader said that the recruitment of officers should not be based on the ethnic background of an individual.

“We have no problem with any Kenyan serving in any capacity so long they have been recruited competitively and they have the requisite skills and competencies. We have no preference for any Kenya from any community.

“And if our competitors have a problem with certain Kenyans from certain communities you can work out with them,” he added. More

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