DP Ruto reaction to cost of Unga angers Kenyans!

DP William Ruto on Wednesday, 22rd of June 2022 left Kenyans angry after he reacted to the cost of Unga that is currently above ksh200.

Speaking in Kajiado during Kenya Kwanza rally, the second in command said that the hiking price of Unga and other food commodities is out of reach of common Mwananchi.

According to Ruto, the government failed to subsidize farm inputs leading to the current cost of unga.

“A packet of Unga is now retailing at a historic price of more than Sh200. It is sad.

“Millions of Kenyans are burdened by the high cost of living because of failure to put in place interventions such as farm inputs subsidies that could allow farmers to produce enough to eat and surplus for sale,” said DP Ruto.

What angers Kenyans the most is that, Ruto is part and parcel of the Jubilee government, the same leadership he is criticizing for the current economic situations. More

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