Murathe exposes shocking reasons why Uhuru will not campaign for Raila in Mount Kenya!

Jubilee party vice Chair David Murathe has finally exposed why president Uhuru Kenyatta will not campaign for Raila, Karua ticket in Mount Kenya.

Earlier, it had been speculated that, president Uhuru Kenyatta was to hit the grounds starting June so that to popularize Raila and Karua in Mount Kenya.

Apparently, latest reports now says that, Kenyatta has decided to play his role as the head of state until the new commander in chief is worn in.

According to Murathe, Uhuru was only to campaign for Raila depending on the person that he will choose as his running saying the choice of Martha Karua was the perfect for him.

“You don’t expect him to hit the ground running that is why now you find it is Martha and Raila. They are both on the ticket.

“Uhuru is not on the ticket. He will be going home in the next 80 days and he has to oversee a peaceful transition and peaceful election.

“He has steeped into his shoe of being the President and Commander-in-Chief,” Murathe told a social Television on Sunday, 22 may 2022. More

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