Ngunjiri Wambugu finally exposes shocking reason why Uhuru supports Raila and not Ruto!

Nyeri town member of Parliament and Azimio la Umoja number one supporter Ngunjiri Wambugu has finally revealed why President Kenyatta supports Raila and not Ruto.

Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu/Courtesy

Speaking in Nyeri while selling Raila Odinga and Azimio in the area, Wambugu told his supporters to fully trust the Azimio presidential candidate.

According to Wambugu, Kikuyus want somebody they can trust, a person they can control and make him dance to their tunes.

The outspoken lawmaker alleged that, It’s very hard to control William Ruto because he says “Sipangwingwi” adding that the son of Sugoi is very sharp and he can’t be intimidated to do what he doesn’t like.

Ngunjiri hinted that, if Raila Odinga becomes president, president Kenyatta will be able to control him and make him rule the country the way he want. More

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