Millicent Omanga shocking message to Uhuru Kenyatta after disrespecting Ruto on labour day!

Nominated senator and DP William Ruto number one confidant Millicent Omanga slammed president Uhuru Kenyatta badly after his labour day speech.

Photo college of Millicent Omanga and Uhuru Kenyatta/Courtesy

Many leaders allied to the second in command have come out to condemn the head of state for criticizing Ruto and terming him as a useless deputy president.

Kenyatta, addressing workers at Nyayo stadium on 1st of May 2022 said Ruto ran away the time he needed him the most, thanking Raila Odinga for stepping in and taking Ruto’s roles.

Via her social media account, Omanga compared Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta relationship to that of husband and wife.

According to Millicent aka Mama Miradi, Uhuru Kenyatta cheated on his wife (Ruto) and introduced nyumba ndogo (Raila) hence the chaos.

“You cannot cheat on your wife and expect her to behave as usual! Nyumba ndogo iliharibu ndoa!,” Omanga posted on her social media account. More

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