Shocking thing Moses Kuria told Uhuru after refusing to great Ruto again at Nyayo stadium!

Gatundu South Member of parliament and DP William Ruto number one confidant from central Kenya Moses Kuria is not happy.

This is after his brother, president Uhuru Kenyatta refused to shake DP William Ruto’s hands while at Nyayo stadium during Mzee Kibaki’s state funeral.

Last week, the head of state also refused to shake Ruto’s hands but proceeded to shake other people’s hands.

Via his social media account, Kuria told Uhuru Kenyatta that refusing to great people is not wisdom but backwardness.

According to Moses Kuria, leaders who refuse to great others because of political differences luck good upbringing.

“Refusing to greet someone is backward, primitive, petty, childish and a sign of very bad upbringing,” Moses kuria posted on his social media account. More

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