Miguna shocking message to Uhuru and Raila after they appointed Ngatia as a trade envoy!

Exiled Lawyer Miguna Miguna left Kenyans shocked with his message to Uhuru and Raila over the appointed of Richard Ngatia as a trade envoy.

Photo college of Raila, miguna and Uhuru/Courtesy

Via his social media account, Miguna said that Ngatia, being an ‘academic dwarf’ was being played by Uhuru and Raila by being given a non existence office.

“I’ve laughed the whole day until my tummy is sore. You mean conman Raila Odinga used a KICC Podium as a presidential prop and “appointed” a #COVID billionaire THIEF and academic DWARF, Richard NGATIA, to a non-existent office as a “trade envoy” to Jupiter?

“Wah! Why didn’t the conman ask his fake brother to announce Ngatia’s mythical appointment together with the ambassadors whose appointments will be revoked in 3 months before they present their credentials?

“If despot Uhuru Kenyatta was certain that Conman Raila Odinga would be Kenya’s president in August this year, why send Dennis Waweru on a wild goose chase to Congo?

“We will still return him from the Congo forest to face charges of theft of public money through.” Miguna posted on his social media account. More

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