Blow to DP Ruto as Bomet residences threaten to switch to Azimio due to irregularities in UDA party!

It’s a super Thursday for DP William Ruto and his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party as people will be able to choose leaders that will credibly compete with Raila’s Azimio candidates.

Apparently, things are not going so good as expected as some parts of the country are already reporting irregularities during the party primaries.

Yesterday, Wednesday, 13th of April 2022, a lorry full of UDA nomination papers was hijacked in Embu and all the ballot papers set ablaze.

Today, Thursday, chaos have been witnessed in Bomet where some voters were complaining of massive irregularities during the party nomination process.

A man was filmed saying if Ruto and his team will not correct the mistakes in UDA they will be forced to switch to Raila’s Azimio even if Bomet is Ruto’s bedroom.

“Deputy President, ukijaribu kutulazimishia hii kitu, tunaambia Raila karibu Bomet. Mukijaribu, tutaenda Azimio,” the angry man said on Camera. More

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