Ann Waiguru message to Raila and Uhuru after she mistakenly called Ruto ‘leader of Azimio’

Kirinyaga governor Ann Mumbi Waiguru has finally broke the silence after she mistakenly referred to DP Ruto and other Kenya Kwanza leaders as ‘leaders of Azimio’.

During the event that happened at the Ngong Racecourse, DP William Ruto and his troop were on Tuesday, 12th of April 2022 signing a Coalition agreement.

Waiguru, who was among the speakers was among the last people to address the podium and she made a mistake that stirred massive discussion online.

Taking to their social media accounts, the Azimio allied bloggers had started speculating that Waiguru was trying to communicate a message to Ruto, saying her heart belongs to Kieleweke.

However, on a social media account, Ann clarified the mistake saying she has nothing to do with Azimio adding that they should stop having false hope.

“Wacheni false hopes.. My heart and soul are United Democratic Alliance and Kenya Kwanza,” Waiguru posted on her social media account. More

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