Big blow to Uhuru Kenyatta as Kanini Kega now says Kikuyus don’t trust Raila anymore!

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake brother, former premier and opposition leader Raila Odinga have yet again endured a very big blow.

Photo college of Raila Odinga and Kieni MP Kanini Kega/Courtesy

This is after one of their biggest ally, Kieni member of parliament and Jubilee party director of elections Kanini Kega started smelling Ruto’s hustler Nation.

Speaking to Nyeri residents on Saturday, 9th of April 2022, the outspoken legislator said that Mount Kenya must be very careful on electing members of parliament.

According to Kega, there is high possibility that Raila Odinga will betray them once he wins the next election saying like he did with Kibaki and Uhuru, he might as well go for handshake with Ruto.

Kega warned his people that the only way to secure their interest is to have numbers in parliament so that even if Raila wins and betrays them they can easily ouster him.

“Those who are vying for the Presidency, we don’t have our friend ( someone to secure interests). We have also toured the country extensively and we know Raila will become President on August 9. The question is this, when Raila becomes President, where will we be?,” said Kanini Kega. More

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