Revealed: Why Kenyans are angered by Uhuru’s response after Raila was stoned in Uasin Gishu!

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday, 3rd of April 2022 broke his silence and addressed Raila Odinga stoning that happened during the burial of former men Conference chair the late Mzee Kibor.

Addressing congregates in AIC pipeline Nairobi, the head of state made a statement that left the entire country divided.

“What if Raila was injured in that attack, Kenya would have been on fire right now.” This are Uhuru Kenyatta’s words that are making everybody talk.

Late last year, DP William Ruto, during his rally in Kisumu County , he was blocked, stoned and his vehicles vandalized in Kondele roundabout.

After the attack, Police said that Ruto was the one to be blamed for he was giving out handouts that youths were fighting for the money.

Raila refused to apologize to DP Ruto saying that Ruto is a small boy and there is no way he could have send people to stone him.

A section of Kenyans are now calling on the head of state to address the two cases, both for DP Ruto and that of Raila Odinga. More

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