Jimmy Wanjigi exposes why Raila advised him to join politics but betrayed him!

City Businessman cum politician jimmy Wanjigi has revealed what former prime minister Raila Odinga told him back in 2018 that made him engage in active politics.

Speaking to a local media house on Monday 28th march 2022, Wanjigi exposed that Raila party advised him to join politics because he was tired and wanted to retire from active politics so that another generation would take over.

“Raila advised me to join politics, he said he was retiring. He told me that he had helped the country enough and it was time for another generation to take over. I don’t know who, but I think someone is pushing him,” said Wanjigi.

Jimi, who was recently endorsed to vie for presidency under Safina party ticket pointed out that he fell out with the former prime minister after the party sidelined him adding that their differences were not personal.

“I was sidelined by ODM and I went to, my friend Kalonzo whom we were with in 2017. When we were in Kitui he asked me not to take him to Azimio or Raila Odinga again. How I see it, he is being forced to work with Azimio, I know him,” he added. More

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