Shocking thing Miguna told Uhuru’s mother after she endorsed Raila Odinga instead of Ruto!

NRM General Miguna Miguna has taken a swipe at Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother, Ngina Kenyatta after she endorsed Raila instead of Ruto.

Taking to his social media account, the outspoken leader told the former first lady that Kenyans are not insects and they will not bow to her.

“Despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s looting mother, Ngina Muhoho Kenyatta, has contemptuously referred to Kenyans as INSECTS.

“Kenyans must reject the looting Kenyatta Family and their project conman Raila Odinga. We are NOT insects under the Kenyatta tree,” Miguna posted on his social media account.

This comes hours after a video of Ngina Kenyatta telling Kenyans to follow Uhuru instead of Ruto went viral. More

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