Shocking thing Edwin Sifuna told DP Ruto about Raila angers Uhuru Kenyatta!

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has take a swipe at DP Ruto after he pleaded with president Kenyatta to step a side and let him deal with ODM party leader Raila Odinga man to man.

On 18th March 2022, the Deputy president, while campaigning in Gatundu in Ichaweri village, urged the residents to talk to their neighbor Uhuru to stop shielding Raila.

Adding that, even though he does not support him, he should not use a knife he used to protect him to cut off his legs.

“I am urging you to speak with your friend and neighbour President Kenyatta to stay away from the presidential campaigns.

“Kindly ask him not to cut off my legs with the same knife that I used in protecting him in the previous two general elections. Ask him not to extend support to that man full of riddle talk (Raila Odinga),” Ruto said.

In a response, Raila Odinga’s strong ally Edwin Sifuna blasted the DP, saying he should count himself as a lucky person because Raila is behind Uhuru and not in front, adding that it wouldn’t have been business as usual.

“William Ruto is lucky that Raila Odinga is just behind Uhuru Kenyatta. Kama Raila angekuwa mbele ya rais, it would have been the business unusual” Edwin Sifuna stated. More

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