Raila Odinga scathing words to DP Ruto while in London angers Uhuru!

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has lashed out scathing attack towards Dp William Ruto as he promised to “clean” up the city if elected in the much awaited August general elections.

Odinga, who met Kenyans living in United Kingdom on Thursday evening 17th march2022 articulated his reform agenda saying Ruto is a corrupt leader, anti-reformed and untrustworthy.

Leading his Azimio la Umoja brigades, in the meeting Raila said Ruto and his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta have failed to live up the promises they made to Kenyans while campaigning.

“The children who were promised laptops are now completing Form 4. And when they finish Form 4, you are now telling them kazi ni kazi. You want to give them wheelbarrow,” he said.

The former prime minister spoke in reference to government’s failed promise to deliver laptops to all Standard 1 pupils to actualize digital literacy programme.

He went ahead and stated that despite earning two million Kenya shillings monthly, Ruto has been dishing out at least Sh100 million to youth, women and churches every month, accusing him of stealing money from the public to buy loyalty.

“Uhuru estimated that about Sh2 billion is lost every year. .. but we know where this money is going to. They are carrying money in sacks, giving in churches, buying school bus…..” he said. More

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