Shocking thing Raila said after was summoned by NCIC over ‘madoadoa’ remarks in Wajir!

Orange democratic movement party leader Raila Odinga was forced to apologize over a controversial remarks he made in Wajir county on Monday 7th march 2022, which were deemed to be discriminatory.

In his remarks during a political rally in Wajir, Odinga mentioned the term ‘Madodoa’ which is considered as hate speech in Kenya.

However, speaking in Kisumu on 11th march, hours after being summoned by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission  (NCIC), Raila said he was misunderstood and his words were not meant to be inciteful of cause political division.

“Tukiwa Wajir candidates wote ambao walikuja walikua ni wa Azimio. Wakasema Wajir ni Azimio zone. Na mimi nikasimama nikatoa pongezi nikasema Wajir ni Azimio zone hakuna madoadoa.

“Sikumaanisha hatutaki kabila nyingine kule Wajir, kwa hivyo kama kuna mtu yeyote ambaye aliona makosa, namwambia yeye pole sana.

“Hakuna kabila lingine huko Wajir. Sisi hatuwezi kubagua Mkenya yoyote kwa msingi wa kikabila.” Raila apologized.

Raila compared and contrasted his madoadoa remarks with that of Linturi saying the Ruto man was talking about chasing some people out of Rift Valley unlike him.

This comes following public outcry from DP William Ruto allied leaders calling for his immediate arrest. More

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