Exposed: Why Raila joined DP Ruto in condemning Uhuru’s sanction order on bodaboda riders!

ODM party leader, former prime minister and opposition chief Raila Odinga joined his opponent DP William Ruto in condemning Uhuru Kenyatta’s order on bodaboda riders.

For long, Raila has been supporting every decision by the head of state ever since he agreed to support him after sideling his deputy.

All Kenyans were expecting to hear Raila support his friend the president in bringing sanity in bodaboda sector that has since become a thorn in many Kenyan’s flesh.

Immediately after Kenyatta issued the sanction order on all boda operators, DP Ruto allies were the first ones to condemn, telling him to weed out the bad ones instead of criminalizing all of them.

As we all know, bodaboda sector is one of the rapidly growing sectors in the country having so may men and women joining the business.

When it comes to votes, this sector will have a huge influence on who wins the next election. That’s why Raila had to play it cool and join his opponent in defending them.

However, this is not the first incident that Raila has disagreed with the head of state after they started working together.

Few days ago, Uhuru Kenyatta’s number one supporter and Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya proposed a bill that was to bar media from streaming August election.

Raila joined Ruto, condemned the bill saying it did make sense. More

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