Mombasa Sex workers blacklist bodaboda operators!

Mombasa County bodaboda operators will have to endure dry spell after all sex workers vowed not to offer them services for one week.

Kenyan sex workers displaying their products/photo/Courtesy

Speaking to members of the press, Nkoko Injuu Africa, a CBO that champions for the rights of sex workers said they will neither sleep with the rides nor use them for transport to different place.

“These people are our clients, but from today, no registered sex worker will offer sexual services to any bodaboda rider. If a member is found with a bodaboda client within the period, she will be deregistered,” said Maryline Lain, the CBO’s ¬†Executive Director.

According to Lain, denying bodaboda operators sexual service is way of demanding for justice for women who are subjected to sexual assault in public spaces.

“We know this is where we get our basic needs and fend for our families but we are ready to go hungry for this type of violence to come to an end,” she added. More

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