Revealed: Why DP Ruto want Uhuru’s acting deputy Raila Odinga arrested now!

DP William Ruto and all hustler Nation supporters and sympathizers want ODM party leader, former premier and opposition chief Raila Odinga apprehended immediately.

Hustler nation supporters want Raila arrested today!

The Uhuru Kenyatta political sweetheart found himself in a very deep pot of boiling soup after his controversial remarks in Wajir.

Last year, Meru senator Franklin Mithika Linturi, while addressing a Rally in Rift Valley with DP William Ruto made the same remarks Raila made in Wajir.

Mithika told DP Ruto supporters not to allow ‘Madoadoa’ in their region and that they should vote out all leaders who don’t support United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

After his remarks, Linturi was apprehended, forced to record statements as Raila Odinga and his supporters took advantage to sharpen their political axe.

In every Rally, Raila used the advantage to demean DP Ruto saying nobody should use the word ‘Madoadoa’ because it might cause violence after election.

On Wednesday, 9th of March 2022, the opposition leader copy pasted Mithika Linturi’s words into Wajir people.

Raila told his supporters in Wajir not to allow ‘Madoadoa’ in the area, forgetting that he condemned DP Ruto and his supporters for using the same.

Now hustlers want the law to take it’s course. They want Raila arrested Like Linturi. More

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