Exposed: Ex-Director in Dp Ruto’s office exposes UDA’s secret strategy to Uhuru and Raila!

Anthony Kibagendi, former director of youth affairs in deputy president William Ruto’s office has publicly leaked strategy and tactics being used by United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in order to finish Raila’s Azimio.

Speaking to the media on monday 7th,march, Kibagendi noted that the party was conducting many opinion polls to ensure only strongest and most popular candidates head to the nomination phase.

The former director further noted that the UDA politicians, while campaigning for the Deputy president also interacted with Kenyans from different counties in a bid to listen to the candidate they preferred ahead of the August general elections.

The insider affirmed that, this is a strategy that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party brand is also relying on ahead of the primaries in order to determine their strong candidate.

“I got to the top of the ladder in UDA only to realise that it was leaning on the wrong wall but I can tell you in there that they were doing a lot of opinion polls regularly to try and identify strong candidates.”

“I believe it’s the same thing that ODM is doing right now that beyond carrying out nominations, they should be able to tell the strong candidates through doing genuine and legitimate opinion polls that will guide them in the way they’re going to move forward,” Kibagendi stated. More

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