“Stop being a coward and face me direct,” DP Ruto dares President Uhuru Kenyatta!

Deputy president William Ruto has taken a swipe on president Uhuru Kenyatta days after he was accused of running away from his duties as the second in command.

While launching the scaled up universal health coverage (UHC) programme in Mombasa on Monday 7th February 2022, president Uhuru faulted his deputy president William Ruto for politicking full time and sidelining his work that Kenyans elected them to do.

The head of state further accused DP Ruto of taking credit for the successes achieved by the jubilee administration yet he had been on record of criticizing and talking Ill about the same government.

In response, the second in command took offence at Uhuru’s remarks and has since then reprimanded the president in the public glare.

In his series of rallies in Kisii on Thursday 10th 2022, Ruto pointed out that Uhuru and his cronies were forcing a Raila Odinga presidency so as to continue ruling from behind the scene.

Indirectly, Ruto noted that president Uhuru was aware of the constitutional reality that limits his terms and thus wanted to have a person to manipulate and take over from him.

“Come out and face us. Stop hiding behind the shadows and disturbing Mzee wa Kitendawili (Raila Odinga), he cannot lead.

“Those driving this project with the intention of installing a puppet who won’t be able to govern so that they govern behind without being elected, we are telling them to come out of the shadows, they should not pretend,” said Ruto while addressing a rally in Ibacho, Kisii county. More

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