Exposed: Is Maina Kageni eating Mwalimu Rachel?

Radio host Mwalimu Rachel comes clean on ongoing rumours of being romantically involved with classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni.

Responding to curious fan in a recent Q and A session on Instagram, Rachel denied the allegation and said that they do not have anything going on, adding that if there was, Maina would have let the whole world know about it.

“You and Maina Kageni were/ are a thing?” a fan asked.

“Eh? not true at all. Trust me if I was dating Maina, you’d know. He would let the world know I mean, it’s me,” the radio Queen responded.

Further, in her response she stated that contrary to what many might assume, the veteran media personality was her teacher during her internship days.

“Dated G? Never! He was one of my teachers when I was an intern. Mad respect,” the mother of one wrote. More

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