Raila warning to Linturi after they met for the first time after ‘madoadoa’ remarks!

ODM party leader and former premier Raila Odinga met DP Ruto man Mithika Linturi for the first time after he made ‘Madoadoa’ remarks during DP Ruto rally in Rift Valley.

The opposition leader met the Meru Senator on Wednesday, 12th January 2022 during the funeral service of the seven people who were killed over grazing land conflict on January 7th.

The outspoken senator made his way as Raila was speaking, something that forced Tinga to cut his speech short and address Linturi direct, warning him against making madoadoa remarks again.

Odinga told Linturi that every Kenyan has a right to live anywhere they want and no one has the right to evict people just because of their political stand.

“Welcome Senator, welcome Senator,” Raila said as the senator made his way to the seat.

“I have seen that your Senator has arrived and before he speaks, I would like to tell him to avoid inflammatory remarks.

“There is no ‘madoadoa’┬áin our country. Is that not so? Every Kenyan has a right to stay anywhere they please because this is our country,” Raila warned. More

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