Exposed: How Ruto will loose next election if he works with Mudavadi!

This is the year that we all have been waiting for, the year that Kenya will have a new commander in chief of all defense forces.

DP William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Odinga, being the main competitors are doing everything possible to win the hearts of Kenyans.

William Ruto has been sweettalking Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader and OKA principal Musalia Mudavadi to accept to work with him in order to get western Kenya votes.

Mudavadi, who has been playing hard to get says that if Ruto want his support he must give him the lion share, that is making him his running mate.

The second in command has been getting overwhelming support from Mount Kenya and all Kenyans are watching to see if he will choose a running mate from that part.

If Ruto falls for Mudavadi tricks and makes him his running mate, Raila Odinga will choose a Mount Kenya mate, Peter Kenneth (Obviously) and that will be the end of Ruto.

Mount Kenya will feel betrayed by Ruto for not considering them for the deputy president position hence voting Raila Odinga in large numbers. More

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