Four men arrested for trying to sell president Uhuru’s Karen land!

Four men have been arrested after they were accused of spying and forging title deed of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s private land in Karen, Nairobi.

According to the report, the prosecution told the court that the four men made their way into the said piece of land on windy ridges on 3rd January 2022 and started searching for beacons and land markings with clear indication of selling it.

“They were arrested by officers from Karen Police Station and after interrogation, there is reasonable suspicion that they are in possession of a forged title deed which they are using to lure unsuspecting people to buy the land,”, Fredrick Kimathi, the state prosecutor said

The state prosecutor further said despite the fact that the land is clearly known that it belongs to president Uhuru Kenyatta, there’s is another ‘fake owner‘ with forged title deed that is being circulated.

Adding that, investigators are closing in on other people who might be behind the alleged scheme to fraudulently grab the land and want the four suspects to assist in identifying them.

The four suspects were presented before principal magistrate Jane Kamau on Wednesday 5th January 2022, after being arrested on 3rd trying to find a buyer of the prime land in Karen.

She Allowed the police to detain the four suspects, Mohamed Muhammud, James Opere, Jonah Tuuko, and Samakin Lesingiran until the police will conclude investigations.

“They will be detained till tomorrow ( Thursday) after which they will be released on a police bond of Sh30,000 each to allow the police to complete investigations,” she said. More

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