This is why schools might not reopen in January 2021!

As Coronavirus cases is continuing to rise day in day out, confusions and misunderstandings becomes the order of the day.

Education Cabinet secretary Prof. G. Magoha

Education CS Prof. George Magoha had earlier promised parents and teachers that, schools could be reopened in January 2021.

On 6th August 2020, Magoha changed his mind and said that, schools might remain closed even on January 2021.George added that, there is no need of taking children to school to die of Coronations.

According to professor Magoha, schools will only resume and children allowed in only when coronavirus curve flattens for 14 consecutive days.

This reports comes as many schools girls are reported to have been impregnated while others are already suffering from HIV and AIDS.

It is vividly clear that, many girls will not go back to school. This is because of the increasing numbers of early pregnancies.

Coronavirus has brought a lot of confusion worldwide. It is now up to the governments to set measures that will protect it’s citizens against this deadly pandemic. More

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