73 Years old man k!lls his drunk son for rudely interrupting his afternoon sleep!

Police in Cherangany’s Chepsiro location, Trans-Nzoia County are holding a 73 years old man who fatally injured his drunk son on Sunday Evening, 26th of December 2021.

According to police report, the 31-year-old victim who had been away for four years arrived home to no welcome, as his elderly father was enjoying an early evening power nap in his bedroom.

The victim who had on his way home downed several bottles of booze proceeded to his father’s room, jolting him to wake as he lifted the bed.

Burning with fury, the man whacked his son’s head using a nearby wooden bar, before injudiciously tying a rope around his neck and restraining him to a sofa.

The area chief and concerned neighbours who made their way to the home arrived too late, only to find a motionless cold body of the young man in the same restrained position.

Upon receiving the report, Cherangany police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect, escorting him to the station where he is being held as further investigations continue. More

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