Ann Waiguru silences Gov. Lee Kinyanjui for trying to demean DP Ruto!

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru has badly slammed Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui for taking a swipe at DP William Ruto following his recent tours in Mount Kenya.

Via his social media account, Kinyanjui warned DP Ruto against wasting too much time in Mount Kenya unlike other regions, saying they might fail him terribly.

“…Indeed, you would be forgiven for thinking other parts of the country will not be voting in the coming elections. All we ask is caution while pursuing this block. Do not invest too much because you are likely to regret,” Lee posted on his social media account.

The governor blamed the second in command for not supporting the Mountain when they needed one man, one shilling vote.

“Did you support them when they wanted one man one shilling one vote? Did you support them when they sought equality of the vote? Did you support their kin while in office?

“What is your stand on free enterprise and fight against corruption? The candidate that affirms the above takes the prize,” he said.

In reply, angry Ann Waiguru reminded her fellow governor that Mount Kenya is solidly behind DP William Ruto, saying they already know what they want and that they can’t make the same mistake again.

“While I agree that Mt Kenya wants a leader who will represent their interests- it’s definitely not in the traditional sense.

“Like many Kenyans, their businesses are currently suffering, their crops are not fetching best prices, they are in insurmountable debt & their hard labor is not yielding much.

“This time, they will vote with both their heads & hearts; A message they understand and a messenger they feel,” Waiguru replied to Lee Kinyanjui. More

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