Fresh details emerge about the Mwingi bus tragedy!

On Saturday afternoon, 4th of December 2021, a seminary bus ferrying Catholic faithful to a wedding in Nuu within Mwingi Sub-county, Kitui County plunged into River Enziu while the driver tried to cross the flooded rivulet.

Reports has it that, the bus driver, upon arriving at the river was reluctant to proceed with the journey and he stopped for some minutes waiting for the water level to go down.

The river had also been warned by local divers not to cross the river for it was not safe because his bus was also carrying children.

The choir members that were onboard the bus, while waiting outside had started singing and dancing, the same song that were to sing to the bride, little did they know that was their last move on earth.

By the time Kitui governor Charity Ngilu arrived at the scene, rescue operations were underway and already 23 bodies had been retrieved and 12 people saved arrive, 4 Children and 8 adults.

The unforgettable incident happened after an overnight downpour washed away Dr Malombe bridge which connects Nuu ward in Mwingi to other parts of Kitui county.

May their souls rest in eternal peace. More

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