DP Ruto fire reply to Uhuru Kenyatta after his remarks in Nakuru!

The feud between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy president William Ruto escalated on Thursday 2nd December, after Ruto stated that as the second in command of this country, he knows what he is promising to the youth.

Affirming his commitment to the bottom-up economy and hustler nation politics, Dp Ruto further pointed out that his boss Uhuru Kenyatta was accusing him of empowering hustlers instead of joining hands with the rich.

“I am the Deputy President and I know what I am promising. There are people who are used to taking us for a ride. They are now accusing me of empowering the hustlers and that I have declined to team up with the top political class.

”We have been there before where the economy of the country is discussed at the high level by wealthy men, big companies in a trickle-down model,” DP Ruto said while pouring cold water on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Nakuru remarks.

Dp Ruto retaliated to president Uhuru’s remarks while Nakuru when he said that in leadership wisdom come with age, something that was speculated by some netizen as indirect campaign for ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

”I would compare leadership to a marathon, not sprint or a football match [that ends in 90 minutes]. Leadership needs wisdom, which is mostly brought about by age.

“There are politicians who bank on the popularity that stem from incitement; they believe that the more hatred you spew against certain candidates, the higher are your chances of winning an elective seat,” the president said

Raila Odinga,76 is expected to face off DP William Ruto,54, In the presidential election in the next few months. More

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