Twak Makende, the new word in Kenyan causing confusion. It’s meaning will shock you!

Royal Media services chair SK Macharia, on Monday, 29th of November 2021 delivered his promise to the Luo community by launching a new station called Ramogi TV.

Photo of Raila Odinga during an interview on Ramogi TV/PHOTO/COURTESY

Macharia had made the promise during his visit to Nyeri town with Raila Odinga and other Kieleweke leaders and sympathizers.

The Media Guru said the main reason why he is opening the new station is for easy communication between Raila Odinga and his Luo community.

During the launch of the new ‘baby’ in town, a lot was happening including a one on one interview with ODM leader Raila Odinga. But what caught the attentions of many even those who understands nothing about Luo is two words.

Twak Makende. If we pronounce this word with a ‘mtaani’ dialect, it will mean something very different. It took us time and few calls here and there to get the true meaning.

In Luo language, Twak Makende means, special discussion or special conversation with a very important person. More

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