Ngunjiri Wambugu exposes why DP Ruto will not have a Kikuyu running mate!

Nyeri town member of Parliament and Raila Odinga number one confidant from the Mountain has exposed why DP Ruto will not chose a running mate from central Kenya.

Via his social media account, the outspoken leader said Ruto has been playing with Kikuyu’s minds, telling them that they are very safe with him and that they don’t need a Kikuyu president or deputy president so that to feel represented.

“William Ruto is a very shrewd politician. The reason he has committed everything he has into Central Kenya is so as to convince Kikuyus that he is ‘mûndû wa nyûmba’.

” So that we can think he represents our interests. The intention is so that ultimately he can then convince us that we don’t need someone from our community at the Presidency: that with him as President our interests as a community will be taken care of.

“He is doing this because he knows that with a Kikuyu/Kalenjin, Kalenjin/Kikuyu, Kikuyu/Kalenjin presidency covering a total of close to 45 out of 58 years he knows he certainly does not have the capacity to sell a Kalenjin/Kikuyu ticket again at this 2022 moment.

“So he will keep lying to the Kikuyus around him that he will chose one of them. However near the very end he will bring in someone from another community to be his running mate. Though it will not make a difference,” Wambugu posted on his social media account. More

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