Shocking thing that Raila said about Ruto while in Nyeri that angered even Uhuru Kenyatta!

Former Prime minister and ODM party leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto’s political rivalry has been escalating as we near the next general elections.

Raila, who is currently Uhuru Kenyatta’s sweetheart has been throwing jabs at the second in command, calling him thief, and a political pretender.

The former premier has started his Mount Kenya tour for azimio la Umoja and Nyeri town was his first stop.

The son of the lake, together with his Luo allies flooded the Mountain to the brim, leaving the residents with very little space to just try and fit in between.

According to Kiharu Member of parliament and DP Ruto number one confidant from the Mountain, Raila and his team ferried Luos from Kisumu to attend his Nyeri meeting so that it appears he has many Kikuyu followers.

While in Ngunjiri Wambugu’s land and DP Ruto’s bedroom, Tinga took a mega swipe at the the DP, telling the residents to reject him since he is a thief.

According to Raila, people should welcome Ruto only when he is bringing them money, he told them to take his money, eat and not say thank you since it’s their money that he stole.

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“I want to tell you if that money is brought to you, eat it, it is yours. Take that money because it is yours and it was stolen from you,” said Raila.

Raila also said some people entered the government while very thin but now they have grown very fat like a tick. something that left a lot of speculations with some people saying he was talking about Uhuru Kenyatta. More

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