Shocking thing that Ngunjiri Wambugu said after Cate Waruguru joined UDA!

Nyeri town member of parliament and Raila Odinga number one confidant from Mount Kenya took a swipe at DP William Ruto moments after welcoming Laikipia women Rep. Cate Waruguru to hustler nation.

Ngunjiri Wambugu, via his social media account has been criticizing every decision by the second in command and has been on the forefront, pushing for the ouster of the deputy president from the ruling party.

In the recent past, the son of Sugoi and his people have been celebrating following the mass exodus of Kieleweke members to their hustler nation.

Cate Waruguru is the third powerful woman to join DP Ruto after Ann Waiguru ( Gov. Kirinyaga) and Gathoni Wamuchomba (Women Rep. Kiambu).

Somebody like Ann Waiguru was the last person that people thought he would join hustler nation.

I remember when he was in Nakuru with Raila and other Kieleweke supporters, Ann roasted DP Ruto badly, called him all sort of names and said Raila must be the next president.

Ngunjiri Wambugu is now the next on the list as speculations have already started building up saying he is on the way to hustler nation.

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Although he has been roasting Ruto via his social media account, Wambugu seems to be seeking for sympathy and smelling the ground like the rest.

After Cate joined Ruto and was welcomed in his official residents in Karen, Wambugu posed a question asking why Ruto is always using his home to welcome UDA defectors instead of UDA offices.

“…Why are the defectors to the UDA party received at the official residence of the DP & not the UDA party headquarters? Begs a lot of questions regarding the use, purpose & status of the Deputy President’s residence,” Ngunjiri posted.

The outspoken leader asked Ruto to stop using his home to welcome UDA defectors and instead make good use of his UDA offices like other parties. More

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