Exposed: This is what killed Pierre Nkurunziza!

On February 9th June 2020, Burundi government announced to the public that, their president Hon. Pierre Nkurunziza has kicked the bucked.

According to Burundi government, the president died of heart failure.

The 55 years old’s sudden demise has left many people mesmerized but for people like me, we can actually guess what killed the leader.

Last week, Nkurunziza’s wife was diagnosed of COVID-19 and she was airlifted to Kenya’s Aghakha Hospital for treatment.

We were never told about the COVID-19 status of her husband the late Hon. Pierre Nkurunziza.

We can all throw a good guess based on this statistics that Mr president was suffering from COVID-19.

Africa is known to hiding truth from the public about the truth of their leaders. More

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