Jimmy Wanjigi bashes Raila reveals crucial allegation and vows to support Ruto!

2022 presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi has expressed how he was disappointment after receiving cold welcome from Raila’s backyard few weeks ago.

Wanjigi stated that he has been supporting the ODM party leader Raila Odinga financially and morally, but what he did was to attack him by sending goons to stone his motorcade while in Migori, Kisumu county.

He pointed out that the Uhuru Kenyatta right hand man is selfish and not a genuine friend, adding that if he was genuine person he would be campaigning for him now and not attacking him instead.

“I am sorry to say this but I must say it, I have been supporting Raila odinga in several elections both financially and morally, but he had bad luck.

“The other day I decided to run for presidency, and I took my campaign to migori because I thought it’s home ground, unfortunately my motorcade was stoned by youth which I have been told it was organized by Raila odinga.

“Now I’m wondering how can my friend whom I have been supporting attack me, now have come to learn that Raila is selfish and not a genuine friend ,if he was a genuine friend he should be campaigning for me now.

“But we should learn from the past, if he betrayed Miguna Miguna, who risked his life to swear him, then that scenario tells everything about Rao, therefore I would not be supporting Odinga again If I don’t win I can support Ruto or Mudavadi.” Jimmy Wanjigi posed. More

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