Shocking thing that Miguna told Raila about his 2022 manifesto!

NRM General Miguna Miguna, a man who was deported to Canada after Mock-swearing in Raila Odinga as People’s president is not happy.

Since Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner, Former premier Raila Odinga decided to send Miguna Miguna to land very far from his motherland, things have not been as usual between the three.

Miguna has been watching Raila and Uhuru very closely and criticizing every political step they try to make especially on things that hurt common Mwananchi.

Inside Raila Odinga’s 2022 manifesto there is something to do with alcohol prices reduction. Raila is vowing to make sure the cost of alcohol in Kenya goes down once elected.

last week, during his tour in Vihiga, Western Kenya, Raila told police to stop arrested people drinking and selling Chang’aa saying they have no other option.

Miguna Miguna, via his social media account took a swipe on Raila saying he is just loyal to drunkards but not common Kenyans.

Miguna said Raila should concentrate on important things like reduction of food prices and free education but not alcohol.

“Conman Raila Odinga has promised drunkards and aspiring drunkards that he will reduce the price of whiskey, Chang’a and Busaa. Not UNGA. Not PARAFFIN. Not FISH. Not VEGETABLES. Not RENT. Not the suffocating price of FUEL.

“The conman is loyal to drunkards. Not ORDINARY KENYANS. Conman @RailaOdinga and despot Uhuru Kenyatta used KES 20 Billion on the #BBIFraud, KES 80 Billion on #hudumanamba (launch, ruthless mobilization, printing and distribution of cards) and KES 300 Billion on the conflict with Somalia.

“Enough money for UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE and FREE EDUCATION from Primary School to University,” Miguna posted on his social media account. More

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