DP Ruto overtakes Raila’s 6k, promises to give 120 Million to all Kenyans!

Presidential aspirant, former premier and ODM party leader Raila promised to give all vulnerable Kenyans Ksh6000 every Months when elected as the next president.

As Raila thought his promise was so sweet to Kenyans, his opponent, DP William Ruto has come up with something very enormous and all Kenyans are already in love.

During his tour in Costal province, where he was accompanied by his allies, the second in command promised to give ksh120,000,000 every year to all constituencies once he becomes president.

Speaking in Kongowea Market, the son of Sugoi said the fund will run parallel, with the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). 

“We will allocate Ksh120M as an addition to the Constituency Development Funds. These funds will help us release hustlers from the shackles of debts,” said Ruto.

The DP said the ksh120 Million will assist small business pick-up and establish themselves into big brands saying he is aware of the challenges they go through.

“There are many small scale business operators who do not have nice stalls to run their businesses, a law to help them or anywhere to get loans from,” he added. More

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