How a church paid serial killer ksh30,000 to send women to the way of all ghosts!

Church is a place that is believed to be ordained by God himself and blessed to act as a link to salvation. Apparently, some churches, instead of helping people go to heaven, they force them to hell.

Kenyans were left mesmerized after a serial k!ller confessed that his activities were funded by a very well know clergy, who used to pay him ksh30,000 for any successful kill.

In his confession, Paul Morara, a man that was arrested for killng three women said that a pastor of a Church that is located around OTC paid him ksh30,000 for any women he killed and took her undergarments.

Morara explained to the detectives that, he was directed to target women who were easier to k!ll and as a proof to show he had killed, he was told to provide their bloody soaked undies.

“I was introduced to the church last year by a friend, where every kill!ng attracted an instant pay of ksh30,000. I was told women were easier to kill, everytime I ended a woman’s life, I was paid for the job well done and this inspired me to do more k!llngs” Morara said.

According to DCI, the 29 years old criminal joined the cult back in 2013, which promised him to pay him Ksh30,000 on every woman he will k!ll, and in order to be paid, he had to provide the victim’s underwear.

He however did not disclose the name of the church or the pastor who funded him, detectives have launched investigation to establish the truth of the matter.

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“Further investigations have so far revealed that Magara joined a cult back in 2013, which promised to be paying him for every kill on a woman.

“Strangely, showing a woman’s pants would confirm that he indeed deserved a pay. He had however, been double-crossed after a Ksh30,000 down-payment but continued with the monstrous attacks,” DCI wrote. More

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