Confirmed: The government wanted to demolish Ruto’s Weston Hotel!

DP William Ruto was on Wednesday evening forced to kneel down and call upon his maker to intervene so that one of his main businesses in Nairobi remains upstanding.

This was after the government tried to bring a down a structure under his name that would have made his life somehow harder than it is right now.

Weston Hotel, a first class posada in the hearts of Nairobi that is owned by the second in command was meant to go down if it was not for the uproars by social media users allied to him.

Bulldozers could be seen few meters from the building ready to start their canning job in the count of three.

Although some Kieleweke officials tried to rubbish the claims that Weston Hotel was to go down, someone very trusted, on Friday morning confirmed that indeed the government wanted to shame the DP.

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi confirmed that bulldozers had been sent to demolish the Ruto-linked Weston Hotel in Lang’ata.

“As counsel on RECORD for Weston Hotel I can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of KENYA 48 hours ago sent tractors and goons to demolish the Hotel. The operation was called off after the tractors reached the hotel and the powers that be changed it’s mind,” said Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi. More

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