Ngunjiri Wambugu warning to DP Ruto about Mount Kenya scares even Uhuru!

Nyeri town member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has once again taken a swipe at DP William Ruto on matters Mount Kenya votes.

The jubilee legislator said that Ruto and his henchmen attacks the head of state and later seek votes from his backyard, something that he said will never work unless he apologize!

Hon. Wambugu, who Uhuru’s ally, had earlier warned that Mt. Kenya region will seek direction from the president, clergy and the business community. He said that the three categories of people are the ones who can negotiate on behalf of the region

“William Ruto seems not to have learned from history, because anyone who has studied this region knows that it’s already been influenced.

“We have the business community and religious leaders who have the powers to influence masses. On the same not, whether you like Uhuru Kenyatta or not, he is a major factor on how we will vote.
” I have seen William Ruto and his henchmen attacking him severally then coming to seek votes again. It will not work.

“Ruto should understand that we don’t get instructed like Rift Valley and wants us to push wheelbarrows, but we won’t accept”. Wambugu said. More

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