Woman revealed how police officer helped her escape after digging her!

A police officer found himself in a very hot pot of boiling soup for helping a female prisoner escape after drilling her severally.

Theresa Forson, 27 years old Ghanaian had been arrested and convicted in a theft case. Was placed in a police custody awaiting court appearance.

Theresa narrated that, the sexually staffed police officer begged her to allow him travelled with her to cloud nine in exchange for her freedom.

36-year-old Lance Corporal Isaac Apomah honored his promise by letting the guilty lady escape from the police custody.

According to Daniel Mensah, Assistant Superintendent of Police, while presenting a case against Apomah who made his first appearance before a court on Monday, 27th Sep. 2021, the policeman was the station officer at the Nkanfoa Police Station on September 25, 2021.

Around midnight, L/Cpl Apomah brought four sachets of ‘Abe Nsuo’ also called “One Show”, to the station and gave the plaintiff, who was at the time, a prisoner on remand at the station, two sachets to drink which she drank.

Around 3am, Apomah told Miss Forson that the detective handling her case was troublesome and that he could let her go scot-free if she would allow him sleep with her, she gave in.

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Apomah then gathered Ms Forson’s items, which were being kept in police custody, including a mobile phone, and put them at the entrance of the police station and signaled her to run away,” ASP Mensah said.

Miss Farson, upon reaching home, she went straight to her father-in-law’s house, narrated everything as it unfolded. The old man took her back to police station and repotted the case of abuse.

Theresa was rearrested and handed over to the Kotokuraba Police for investigations. Apomah was charged with rape and aiding the escape of a convict. More

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