Ngunjiri Wambugu mocks Ruto after Raila was endorsed by Kikuyu billionaires!

Nyeri town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu took a swipe on DP William Ruto, mocked him badly after Raila Odinga was endorsed by Kikuyu billionaires at Safari park hotel, Nairobi.

Wambugu, who is a DP Ruto number one criticizer from Mount Kenya expressed his happiness after his elders decided to do just like he wanted it.

Via his social media account, Wambugu scorned Ruto by saying he should be slow on how he climbs the mountain, adding that one does not run up the mountain.

Wambugu said this in reference to former premier and ODM party leader Raila Odinga, who made the remarks while on his tour to Mount Kenya region.

“One does not run up a mountain. You climb it slowly, one step at a time’ That was how Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga put it during his tour of Laikipia, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Muranga and Kiambu counties yesterday,” said Wambugu

Wambugu said Raila has started his journey of climbing the Mountain right and at the right time unlike Ruto, who started way back and tried to run up the ridge.

“But he has started his journey right. At the right time. With the right attitude,” he said adding that Mount Kenya will never be intimidated to vote for anyone that they don’t want. More

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