Exposed: How CS Mutahi Kagwe is planning to chase Ruto from Mount Kenya!

As we count months to the next general election, the race is starting to become bumpy for the hustler chief William Ruto, who started his journey way back ahead of others.

Few Months ago, Ruto used to be any Kikuyu’s sweetheart as they were more than convinced that Uhuru Kenyatta betrayed him with Raila Odinga.

With president Uhuru Kenyatta having wasted so much time with the former premier, his region, Mount Kenya is still confused and many are still wondering about their ballot fate.

Few leaders including speaker Justin Muturi have come forth and said that they want to be the region’s flag bearer but are still afraid of Ruto.

Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe is now planning to finish what Uhuru Kenyatta started by being the region’s 2022 flag bearer.

Rumors’ has it that, Kagwe has already planned with National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) to be their flag bearer. His plans are to win all Mount Kenya votes, leaving Ruto to gnash his teeth.

These comes as Raila Odinga plans to sign a political pact with KANU before choosing Martha Karua as his running mate. More

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