Revealed: Why A Rich doctor from Nakuru k!lled his two kids!

Police have revealed why James Muriithi Gakara , an obstetrician at optimum current hospital in Nakuru murdered his two children aged three and five before trying to take his own life on Saturday, 18th September 2021.

According to the police report, the suspect had an argument with his wife, who was planning to relocate abroad.

The wife had landed a lucrative job outside the country and she was determined to leave despite Gakara tried to beg her not to.

The cruel incident left the residents of affluent Milimani apartment in shock as they watched the lifeless bodies of the two innocent souls being taken to the mortuary by police officers.

Reports has it that, their father was also found lying on bed, although he was still alive.

He was rushed to Nakuru level five hospital where he was admitted and currently responding well to medication.

The incident was reported by concerned neighbours who heard the two lovers fighting, something that forced them to call police.

Assorted drugs, used syringes and a sharp kitchen knife were found at the scene, a clear indication that the two had been injected with lethal substance prior to their death. More

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