Shocking thing that Bony Khalwale said after Jimi Wanjigi was stoned in Migori!

Friday, 17th of September 2021 was a very tough day for presidential candidate under Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party Jimi Wanjigi.

Being a diehard supporter of Raila Odinga’s allied party for so many years, Wanjigi expected a reciprocate from Luo brothers and sisters.

His visit to Migori turned chaotic after he tried to tell Luo’s to ‘Fagia wote’.

Jimi was campaigning for ODM presidential ticket so that he can get support that will nail Raila when it comes to nominations.

Many politicians have expressed their disappointments after the incident with many terming it as old politics.

Former Kakamega senator Bony Khalwale was among those that spoke online about the issue.

Via his social media account, the outspoken Bull fighter and the incoming Kakamega governor linked Wanjigi’s stoning to what happened to him while in Kibera some years back.

He said that government must stop this violence by Raila and his supporters, saying probably the same man that descended on him while in Kibera was the same man that threw stones at Wanjigi.

“Government must stop this violence by Raila & his supporters. They stoned Wanjigi yesterday. Precisely! AND he also stoned me in Kibra but being a luhya man enough …,” said Khalwale. More

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