Citizen TV’s Wahiga Mwaura on fire for asking Martha Karua questions about Mt. Kenya!

Citizen Television news anchor Wahiga Mwaura found himself in a very deep pot of boiling soup after he asked Martha Karua ‘sensitive’ questions about Mount Kenya.

Wahiga wanted Martha to clarify why there are so many Mount Kenya meetings by Uhuru allied leaders and why some are so self centered.

“The country that we live in has been polarized in the past by accusations of ethnic alienation, 58 years or so since our independence and there are those who look at your talks and some of the meetings that you have been engaging under the auspice of the Mt Kenya unity forum.

“They go on to say that these are attempts to solidify tribal hegemony or dominance in the country. How do you respond to those who are concerned about these meetings?” Wahiga Mwaura asked Karua.

Instead of answering the questions as asked, Karua started complaining of how the media is biased on Mount Kenya. She wanted to know why the media does not call other regions that meet to discuss about 2022.

“My response is that I am very disappointed by the framing of that question. I have not heard you, or this station or any other station say the same when pastoralists and other regions are meeting, or call the other economic blocs built around communities tribal.

“Why should it be different for Mt Kenya? If we demand equitable distribution of resources, who does not want that?

“Economic blocs are formed around the communities of interests. Why should we not be able to sit down and make our demands? Some of our demands have a bearing on the rest of the country, like security, equity in sharing of resources,” Martha said while defending Mount Kenya. More

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