Nandi: Female teacher caught in the act with a student inside school!

Parents, students and teachers in a school in Nandi County were left mesmerized after a female teacher was caught reducing her dry spell with a form three student.

Reports has it that, Madam Jesica Cheptoo, a Christian Religious Education (CRE) teacher in the school lured the boy into visiting her house in the teachers quarters.

It’s then that she saw him as a perfect tour guide to cloud nine. She politely asked the s3x starved boy to climb and start the digging job.

Explaining the ordeal, the school watchman said he saw the boy go to the teachers quarters and within a shake of a dark’s tail he heard Madam Cheptoo shouting ‘Weka yote, weka kapisa’.

After raising alarm, teachers and students gathered around as parents watched from the boys only boarding school compound just to get a glimpse of what was happening.

The boy has since been taken to hospital for checkups and as the school decide on the fate of the teacher, who, according to other teachers likes luring students into having nooky with her. More

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