DP Ruto warning to Raila Odinga for calling himself Joshua!

DP William Ruto has slammed ODM Party leader and Former prime minister Raila Odinga badly for continuing to call himself Joshua.

For long, the former premier has been referring to himself as the Biblical Joshua telling People that he will take them to the promised land where there is milk and honey.

Ruto warned Tinga that the name Joshua is not be taken for granted saying he is the real Joshua, send by God to deliver His people.

“Its high time My brother Raila accept the fact that I am Joshua he has been claiming to be for the past 39yrs. Just like in the Bible , God gave Moses power to fight pharaoh in order to deliver Israelites from bondage.

“He lead them through the wilderness, prayed for God to provide food for them , healed them of their sickness , performed offering for them but God never allowed him to reach the Promised land,” Said Ruto.

The second in command told Raila that he is just like Moses, who failed to reach Canaan forcing God to assign the task to Joshua.

“Its Joshua who did . Raila is our ancient Moses and I am Joshua , the one who God assigned responsibility to lead Israelites to Canaan , I will lead Kenyans to Promised land of better economy,” he added. More

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